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Beautiful Antique Vintage Art Deco Bohemian Czech Black Lacquer Flowers Floral Ballotini Beads Bracelet. Collector. Special Occasion. Wedding Bridal. Red Carpet Event. Party Ball. Present Gift.


Circa 1920’s


An extremely rare and beautiful antique Art Deco Ballotini beads bracelet.  I have several Ballotini necklaces in my collection, but even they are rare, as not many have survived the ravages of time because of their fragility – however, I have never come across a bracelet before!  The large flat round beads are a black lacquer (either wood or papier mache) with pretty pink, blue and white flowers, along with green foliage.  The tiny glass ballotini beads (which are rather like sugar grains) are affixed to the petals of the flowers and foliage, this gives them the lovely texture.  They also have a wonderful light changing effect – they are darker in natural light, and under artificial light, they have a luminous iridescent effect when the light catches them in a certain way.  Some photos are taken with flash and some without.  Inevitably with these beads there is some surface wear, with crackling and some bare patches where the tiny ballotini beads have fallen off.  You don’t tend to notice this unless really scrutinising – it looks worse in the enlarged photographs than it does in reality.  It is such a pretty and colourful bracelet and there is nothing, in my opinion, which detracts from its immense charm.


Ballotini beads were hand-made from wood or papier mache, with miniscule glass balls affixed to the surface – almost like flocking.  They were made in Gablonz, in the old kingdom of Bohemia.  Because they are relatively fragile, not many have survived and they are very rare and highly sought after now.   The beads would need to be treated with respect and worn with care.


The bracelet is on the original elastic, which has stretched over time.  It is still wearable as it is, but it may benefit from new elastic, but I will leave it for the buyer to decide, as everything is ALL ORIGINAL and I have no wish to change that.


Measures approximately: 7″ unstretched


The large flat round beads measure approx: 25mm diameter


  in Very Good Original Antique Condition


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